Cremation in Andrews, NC

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Why You Should Consider Cremation in Andrews, NC

Planning for cremation doesn’t have to be complicated when you choose the right services to support the need of your family. If you are preparing for end of life services, then you need to talk to our experienced team at Just Cremation. Instead of offering complicated solutions that include all of the funeral services, we specialize in cremation in Andrews, NC. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built a solid reputation. Our team is here to assist with all types of cremation services. By focusing on cremation only, we can keep things simple so that you don’t need to feel stressed by the unnecessary funeral services that are common from some of the other companies in the area.

What is Cremation in Andrews, NC?

What is the difference between a standard funeral and the services offered by our team? When you choose direct cremation, it means that you don’t have a visitation, funeral, or graveside service planned by the funeral company. Instead, the scope of the package only includes the essentials, such as the cremation of the body and the paperwork that needs to be addressed for the event.

It can be nice to have a funeral where family and friends gather and share memories and pay their last respects. At the same time, sometimes a funeral can be too stressful for the family to manage. If the deceased didn’t want to leave the burden on loved ones, then the person might have requested cremation only. Our team is the perfect solution for this funeral plan because we don’t provide any of the other common funeral services.

Straightforward, Affordable Pricing

One of the benefits of choosing direction cremation is the chance to maintain affordable pricing for the services. We understand the importance of transparency in the package costs. So, we are always upfront about the cost of the services, with a straightforward system in place to simplify your plans.

You can have the peace of mind to know the exact price for the services that are selected. There aren’t any surprises when you choose our team. We are working hard to build trust and a long-term relationship with our family. You will see that we have the package options listed here on our website. There’s never a question about how much you will pay when you choose our company for the final services for your loved one.

We Own and Operate a Crematory

Did you know that many funeral homes outsource cremation services? Even though a funeral home offers cremation, it doesn’t mean that they have the facilities that are required to take care of the cremation in Andrews, NC.

It might be deceiving to schedule cremation with a funeral home, only to find out that the services are outsourced to another company. At Just Cremation, we are working to ensure the quality and respect for every family. We guarantee the results because our team oversees every step of the cremation process.

By owning a crematory in the area, we can offer local families affordable, professional services to care for a loved one. We always keep the prices low, without sacrificing the quality of services that are offered.

A Local Company You Can Trust

In recent years, the industry has been flooded with people who are trying to scam families in their time of need. It is hard to say goodbye to a loved one, and the experience is even more difficult when you are scammed at the same time.

These scammers advertise unusually low prices to get people through the door. Then, these false prices come to light when the final bill is tallied. Even though the initial price was affordable, some families end up paying twice or even three times the amount due to the fees that are added to the bill.

In many situations, these service providers simply contract the work out to companies that offer the services. So, the seller doesn’t oversee the services that are completed after they take responsibility for the deceased.

Instead of taking your risk with a company with a bad reputation, you will get better results by hiring a team that you can trust. Learn more about our company at Just Cremation, and you will see that we are straightforward about our cremation services. Just Cremation – Cremation Society is independently owned by Cochran Funeral Homes, which means that the company brand is backed by an experienced team in the industry.

It is a great time for you to learn about your options for cremation in Andrews, NC.If you need additional information, then we invite you to call us at Just Cremation. Our local office is nearby: 55 Kimsey St, Blairsville, GA 30512. You can visit us, or call for a consultation: (877) 788-0485. We also offer convenient online tools for cremation planning.

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