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Do You Need a Funeral with Cremation in Blue Ridge, GA?

It is easy to get caught in tradition when planning a funeral. Some families want to maintain the traditions that have been passed through the generations, such as planning a funeral with a casket burial. While these traditions can be comforting, there are times when families prefer to break the tradition with unique services. One option you shouldn’t overlook is cremation in Blue Ridge, GA.

When you choose the services that we offer here at Just Cremation, you can rest assured to know that we won’t try to upsell you to other funeral services that aren’t needed. Our company focuses on cremations without the unnecessary add-ons. So, we are a great solution if you are looking for a way to simplify the process of planning end of life services.

Add-On Services for Cremation in Blue Ridge, GA

If you want to add other services on with cremation, then you need to talk to our sister company at Cochran Funeral Homes. We can support your desires to schedule a funeral or memorial to go with the cremation services.

Many options are available when you embrace the idea that funerals can be custom designed to match your preferences. But, don’t feel obligated to maintain the tradition. For example, you might choose our company to complete the direct cremation that is needed. Then, we will provide the ashes, and you can choose the events or services after the cremation is complete.

We keep things simple with standard packages and clear pricing. In addition to the most basic cremation packages, we also offer other solutions, such as a Veterans or tribute cremation.

When only a few options are offered, you don’t need to stress about the indecision that comes when comparing a variety of options for end of life services. We’ve dialed in the process to keep things simple so that you don’t have to face the stressful situation of sorting through many options in the industry.

Why Choose Cremation?

What are the reasons why you should choose cremation instead of full funeral services? It depends on the needs of your family. But, you should evaluate your options before rushing to a conclusion about the services that are offered.

Here are a few reasons why people often choose cremation over general funeral services:

  • Affordability: How much money should you spend on the end of life services? If you want to manage your budget, then you need to be careful to avoid some of the most expensive funeral services that are often offered by standard funeral homes. Choosing cremation means that you can keep your costs low while managing a respectful plan for your loved one. The right cremation package is just a fraction of the cost for a full, traditional funeral service.
  • Simplicity: In addition to the stress of losing someone that you love, it can be a burden to plan a full funeral at the same time. Funeral planning can be complicated if you are sorting through a long list of services that are offered. Instead of adding to your stress during this challenging time, keep it simple with direct cremation services.
  • Flexibility: You don’t have to stick with a traditional burial. There are options for cemetery burial whether you choose a casket or cremation. At the same time, cremation opens up a variety of solutions for the end of life services. For example, the ashes can be placed in an urn that is kept at home. Or, you can choose a place that is special for your family where the ashes will be scattered.
  • Tradition: Additionally, some religions practice cremation as a tradition. If you are choosing cremation for religious purposes, then we are always here to help.

There’s no doubt that cremation offers many benefits for families who are looking for affordable, simple end of life services. Our team at Just Cremation is here to assist when you are ready for more information. We specialize in cremation in Blue Ridge, GA, without the unnecessary services that are often included in the packages from other funeral homes in the area.

Exploring Your Options for Cremation

What do you need to consider when you are preparing for cremation for someone that you love? You don’t need to navigate these decisions without support from an experienced team. So, you are welcome to reach out to us at any time for the assistance that you need from us.

Contact us to schedule a consultation about cremation in Blue Ridge, GA. We are always here to answer your questions. Review the information here on our website, or contact us at Just Cremation – Cremation Society at 55 Kimsey St, Blairsville, GA 30512. Call us any time whether you need immediate services, or you would like to schedule a consultation for the future:(877) 788-0485.

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