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Details about Cremation in Hayesville, NC

What is the right cremation plan to match the needs of your family? When it comes to end of life services, don’t hesitate to choose the details that will support the needs and wishes of your loved one. That person had preferences and a personal style that needs to be addressed with the cremation services. As a result, you might select cremation in Hayesville, NC so that you have more flexibility with the way the final plans are handled.

When a person is buried in a casket, then it is necessary to choose a burial plot where the casket will be laid to rest. This solution is a great option, especially when family members want a headstone where they can visit. But, many families prefer to have something different. Instead of visiting a cemetery, they prefer to have an outdoor destination that is unique to the family.

For example, you could choose a destination where the family visited for vacation over the years. The ashes can be scattered in this beautiful place where you can remember your loved one and feel connected to them every time you visit.

Choosing Cremation Services in Hayesville, NC

If you decide that cremation is the right solution for end of life services, then you have two options to consider. The first solution is the most common option: calling a funeral home that offers cremation services. The second option is to work with a company that specializes in direct cremation.

The problem with a traditional funeral home is that the prices are often higher since unnecessary services are included in the funeral packages. The staff might offer things that you don’t need, such as embalming or graveside service. If you want these additional funeral options, then a funeral home might be the right option to consider so that you can have a one-stop location for everything that is needed.

But, you need to be aware that the costs will often be higher compared to the prices that are offered by a direct cremation company. At the same time, it is common for these funeral homes to outsource the cremation. Most companies don’t have crematoriums, which means that they need to hire a cremation specialist to handle the services.

Instead of working with a funeral home that acts as the in-between contractor for cremation in Hayesville, NC, you have the option to go to the source directly. Our team at Just Cremation specializes in cremation only. We don’t dilute the services with all of the other funeral home offerings. By keeping our services focused on cremation, we can keep our costs low and ensure optimal results for every customer.

Details for Cremation Packages

Even if you are choosing a basic cremation, there are other options that you might choose for the cremation. We have a few package options that include military or veterans’ services. Or, you might keep it simple with the base package that is available.

We encourage you to look at the package details that are listed here on our website. We are working to offer transparency to the services that are offered. You can rest assured to know that our prices are firm, so there are no surprise fees or additional costs when it is time to pay the bill. Some companies scam the industry by offering prices that are too good to be true. Then, the extra fees can double or triple the price at the end.

You can trust our team at Just Cremation. We are working hard to build solid relationships with the families that contact us for cremation services. It is important that you have access to affordable offerings in the industry. There is no reason to worry about the pricing when you choose a company with a great reputation in the area.

On-Site Crematorium

At Just Cremation, we are proud to own a local cremation where your family member will go. We want to manage the process to ensure the highest level of respect when cremation is selected. So, our team works hard to offer the exact services that are needed.

Not only do we take care of the cremation, but we are also available to help with the paperwork and documentation that is required when someone passes away. This legal work is required for the death as well as the cremation. We are working to reduce your stress during a difficult time, which is why our team oversees everything that is happening behind the scenes.

You can choose quality cremation in Hayesville, NC by talking to our team at Just Cremation. We are here to support your requests for direct cremation services. The Just Cremation – Cremation Society location is nearby: 55 Kimsey St, Blairsville, GA 30512. Call us if you have questions or if it is time to schedule a consultation for cremation planning: (877) 788-0485. We're here to help!

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