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Comparing Cremation With Traditional Burial

While many still opt for traditional burials, cremation is on the rise as a more and more common form of disposition. Those looking for more information on cremations in the Blue Ridge, GA, area can rest assured that there are local and well-trained experts prepared to walk them through such a personal and profound decision. Part of that decision may well involve comparing options, namely the difference between a traditional burial and cremation. By now, they are just about equally common, and there’s a good reason for that. The general public is increasingly comfortable with the idea of cremation and turning to it as an option. That wasn’t always the case.  

So what’s at stake when making a decision about traditional burial or cremation?   

Contrary to some misunderstanding, both options allow for a range of services to be held. In both cases, a funeral service may be held just days after a loved one passes away. In both cases, a memorial service may be held several weeks afterward. While some may avoid these kinds of services for other reasons, cremation itself doesn’t prevent a service from being held. Some may avoid services and opt for direct cremation while many prefer to remember the deceased in a slightly more private fashion by way of a scattering ceremony (where cremated remains are scattered somewhere meaningful). But one should not worry that a cremation will have somehow made a service impossible. That simply isn’t the case.  

Blue Ridge, GA cremationsOne primary difference is that a graveside service doesn’t make much sense when someone opts for cremation. Given that the body itself isn’t directly buried, the classic graveside scenario doesn’t work out. But if the family or one’s final wishes suggest that friends and family have one last opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased, this can happen by way of a funeral service held prior to cremation or prior to burial.   

Another important difference may be cost. Note, however, that the difference in cost may often be exaggerated, particularly in practical terms. Yes, cremation may be a far less expensive option, but this depends in large part upon the kinds of choices that are made and with respect to various products and services that may be available. An urn can cost a lot of money, too, in other words. So too can there various ceremonies that might be held and the arrangements required therefore. Unless one opts for direct cremation and avoids services altogether, the difference in cost may not be particularly substantial at the end of the day. That said, there are indeed ways to make cremation a very affordable option for those attending to a strict budget.  

Perhaps the most significant difference is the availability of options. Cremation makes it possible to bury remains, inter them, display them, scatter them or even turn them into artwork. Burial of the body makes these kinds of options impossible.  

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