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How to Celebrate a Loved One After Cremation

Choosing between cremation and burial is only the first step. Once you’ve settled on cremation, you may wonder what to do next. You may have important questions when it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one who continues to mean a great deal to friends and family. The good news is that there are certainly options. If you or someone you know is looking into cremations in or near Andrews, NC, you should know that those available options can ensure that your loved one is remembered in the right way.

Many families want to get away from the idea that death is all about sadness and tragedy. That certainly shouldn’t minimize the grief that many will inevitably experience. But when it comes to funeral arrangements or making decisions about cremated remains, the idea is that one can focus on one’s life, contributions, and significance rather than the loss itself. It is an increasingly popular approach, and it certainly isn’t inconsistent with the idea of cremation. We want to see someone legacy live on. We want to see that legacy endure. There are certainly ways to do that. One can follow up cremation with a tone that is positive and compassionate.

The first step is to make a decision about the cremated remains themselves. There are a number of solutions, and many of them are very much geared toward celebrating the life of your loved one. Yes, there are more traditional options like burying, interring, or displaying the remains. And there is nothing wrong with those options. But if you are looking to send a message, it is also perfectly acceptable to scatter the remains at a location that might have been important to the deceased. The idea is that the memory of a loved one may live on in association with the location itself. It can send an incredibly positive message, and the scattering itself may involve a small ceremony designed to allow friends and family the opportunity to participate. It doesn’t have to be about saying goodbye. It can also be about saying thank you.

To be sure, there are other options, and many of them are quite creative. Some have even taken to turning cremated remains into jewelry or artwork. That makes it possible to send any number of messages while letting others know just how important your loved one remains.

When it comes to celebrations of life, it isn’t just about the cremated remains. Most families decide to hold some kind of service, either a funeral service before cremation or a memorial service after cremation. If you wish to avoid something that feels negative, there are certainly ways to do so at these services. Think about the kind of music you may want played, or consider the kinds of speakers you’d like involved. These kinds of things can seriously impact the tone of the services themselves.

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