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How to Make Scattering Ashes More Meaningful

Many families are looking for the right way to honor someone they have lost, especially after a cremation. It is certainly the right instinct. How do we send the right message? How do we properly celebrate the life of someone who was dear to so many? And how do we assure that such a tribute is as dignified as it should be? These are important questions. If you or someone you know is looking into cremations in or near Andrews, NC, you should remember that there are professionals in your area who are more than happy to address any questions you may have. In the meantime, it is certainly reasonable to think about plans in advance and do everything you can to assure the deceased is remembered in the right way.   

When it comes to cremation and handling remains, much depends on final wishes and anything else the deceased might have said of written. Family should always do its best to honor these wishes, and doing so will certainly make it easier to make proper arrangements. The fewer decisions, the better. While some families certainly wish to do as much as possible, that may or may not be entirely consistent with those final wishes. Start with them whenever it is possible and see where things go. That should make the rest of the planning process much easier. Remember that many of these things are deeply personal, and the deceased’s preferences shouldn’t be forgotten. Speaking with them about these kind of plans before they have passed is generally ideal.  

Of course, that’s not always possible. And either way, one certainly wishes to make the most of a scattering ceremony if that is indeed what’s called for. Note that cremated remains are not always scattered. They may be buried, interred, kept in an urn or other container, or even converted into some kind of jewelry or artwork. There are many options when it comes to handling cremated remains. Nevertheless, many families opt to have them scattered. There’s good reason for that. Scattering cremated remains is an important gesture, essentially returning the deceased to a location that was meaningful or important to them. It is primarily a symbolic gesture, and many families find that fitting at a time like this.  

The first step is selecting a location that would have significant meaning to the deceased. This could be anything from a body of water to a forest. It may reflect prior vacations, a retirement spot or something like where the deceased spent most of their life, got married, grew up, or otherwise. What meant the most to him or her? Once you have settled on a location, the next step is holding what is generally a fairly small or casual ceremony. You may wish to have someone speak, read passages from a book or scripture, perform a musical selection, etc. Note that such a ceremony is not mutually exclusive with a funeral or memorial service. But it can and should still be special in its own right. Simply spend some time planning an event that speaks to the personality, interests, and beliefs of the deceased.   

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