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Options After a Loved One Has Been Cremated

When a loved one has expressed a wish to be cremated, you may find yourself in search of answers. If you’re looking into cremations in the Copperhill, TN, area, rest assured that there are local experts available to provide you with those answers. One of the more common questions concerns what should be done with the cremated remains of a loved one after the fact.   

Those remains are first placed in a plastic bag and then whatever kind of container the family has selected for it (often some kind of urn). What happens next depends a great deal upon one’s last wishes and the interests of close family and friends. Note that whatever you do with the cremated remains themselves, you may certainly hold a memorial service after the cremation has occurred. These often take place weeks after a loved one’s passing, assuring plenty of time to plan a dignified and fitting event. But what comes next?  

The most basic option for many is to either have the remains buried or interred. This ensures a common location at which friends and family can visit the deceased in the future. It may also make it easier to keep the remains in the same location as the remains of other family members in the event they preferred to be kept close together. This may not rank as the most imaginative option, but it can nevertheless remain a very dignified means by way to remember someone. Whether located at a burial plot or columbarium, assuring others the ability to visit may help them overcome their grieving over the course of time. They may be reassured by a permanent and accessible location.   

Of course, the wishes of the deceased are important, as well—perhaps very decisive. And some may prefer that their remains stay with certain family, perhaps located in their home or another significant location. If this is the case, you will of course wish to purchase an urn or other dignified container in which the ashes can remain. This kind of outcome may be particularly helpful for a loved one prior to their passing. Knowing that their remains will be kept with someone they trust can be very comforting. 

It is also fairly common to scatter someone’s remains at a location that was meaningful to them. That location itself may depend upon how they wish to be remembered, but the general idea is that one may be permanently close to nature or somewhere they loved in lieu of some kind of container. For even more creative souls, there are increasingly a wide range of possibilities. Cremated remains may be turned into jewelry or artwork, even the ink used to fashion a tattoo.  

Much ultimately depends on the personality and preferences of the deceased. Making that a priority should make these kind of decisions much easier.  

If you’re looking into cremation options in the Copperhill, TN, area, consider reaching out to Just Cremation – Cremation Society. You may visit us at 55 Kimsey St, Blairsville, GA 30512 or place a phone call to (877) 788-0485. We look forward to handling your affairs in a professional and compassionate fashion. 

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