For many families, spending a great deal of money for disposition and funeral arrangements simply isn’t an option. Budgets are a reality even if not especially at a time like this. There is no way around that. One solution is direct cremation. Direct cremation forgoes some of the bells and whistles that sometimes accompany disposition, and that means saving money. If you or someone you know is looking into cremation services in or near Murphy, NC, you should know that there are nearby solutions that won’t cost your family and arm and a leg. To whatever extent saving money is your bottom line, you may wish to consider direct cremation as an alternative.

Just Cremation – Cremation Society specializes in direct cremation. We can always refer you to a more conventional funeral home if you require additional services, but we take a simple and straightforward approach to cremation that can save you serious money when compared to those other options. Direct cremation simply means that we do not handle some services, like helping your family prepare a funeral. Those services can be very costly, and that may be difficult for many families to afford. If you must spend carefully, direct cremation may make a lot of sense.

But even after opting for direct cremation, you may face a number of spending decisions. That is par for the course at a time like this. Should you hold a funeral and take on the costs generally associated therewith? Do you need to spend money on an urn or another container for the cremated remains? Will you require somewhere to put those remains? Some families decide to have them buried, and that costs money, too. Unfortunately, these kind of questions are a fact of life, and many families inevitably face them. While they will likely save money by choosing cremation instead of a burial, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some expenses. The big question is how to spend wisely in light of those expenses.

First, remember that funerals needn’t be especially elaborate or fancy. Many families even opt to skip the funeral itself, potentially hosting something like a memorial service later on. If you plan on scattering the remains or doing something along those lines, you may also wish to hold a very simple ceremony for very close friends and family.

Second, you should be aware that there are cost-friendly options when it comes to the remains. They don’t have to be buried. They don’t have to be placed in an expensive urn. You can always craft your own container or simply have the remains scattered, meaning a permanent container isn’t required at all. Some families even decide to use the remains to plant a tree or craft some artwork, both very meaningful and inexpensive options.

If you are interested in cremation services in the Murphy, NC, area, consider reaching out to Just Cremation – Cremation Society. For those looking to spend wisely, we offer a straightforward and inexpensive approach that makes a great deal of sense for many families. You can visit us at 55 Kimsey St, Blairsville, GA 30512 or place a phone call to (877) 788-0485.