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The Benefits of Direct Cremations

Not all cremations are equal. If you or someone you know wants to know more about cremations in the Hiawassee, GA, area, rest assured that there are nearby experts who can walk you through the process and various options. One of those options is direct cremation. A direct cremation occurs when a family decides to hold the cremation just days after a loved one’s passing without having first held a funeral service. Simplicity isn’t the only advantage, though. There may be a number of reasons to prefer direct cremation among your various alternatives.   

The first advantage is efficiency and lessening the burden upon family to plan and attend a funeral so quickly. If family members live far away from the diseased and have difficulty traveling, this could be a very reasonable consideration. And if the closest of family may have difficulty planning a funeral for whatever reason, turning to direct cremation may be the easiest option.   

Hiawassee, GA cremationsThe second consideration is portability and flexibility. When you have a loved one directly cremated, their remains generally go home with you in a container of your choice. That gives you any number of options when it comes to how the remains are ultimately handled. They can be displayed or kept at your home, scattered, buried, interred or even turned into some kind of artwork. Having those options may be most consistent with final wishes, and it certainly may make it easier to remember a loved one is a fashion that would mean the most to them. While some funeral homes may encourage you to hold a funeral service, crematoriums that handle direct cremation are very sensitive to the kind of flexibility that you and your family may prefer in general.  

Finally, one should think about costs. While some cremations can become costly (e.g. in the event one purchases a pricey urn), that doesn’t have to be the case—particularly if one avoids a funeral service with direct cremation. There are a number of expenses you can avoid, including a particularly expensive casket, embalming the deceased, covering various costs associated with staff, facilities and cosmetics, transportation and chapel fees, buying a burial plot and so on. Funerals can get expensive very quickly. Again, some cremations will present costs that add up, as well. If your budget is an especially important concern, you may wish to look into a certain kind of package that covers everything you’ll need.  

If you’re looking into cremations near Hiawassee, GA, and concerned about cost, note that Just Cremation – Cremation Society specializes in direct cremations and has a number of packages available that should reduce the risk of escalating cost. While we pride ourselves in handling your affairs in a caring and compassionate fashion, we also take a professional approach. That means we completely understand the every extent to which many wish to avoid the bells and whistles of a funeral, instead preferring a dignified and cost-effective approach to dealing with cremation and the remains of the deceased. You can visit us at 55 Kimsey St, Blairsville, GA 30512 or place a phone call to (877) 788-0485. 

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