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Why Cremations Are On the Rise

Cremations are becoming far more frequent in what can only be described as a latest sign of the times. If you’re looking into cremations in the Clayton, GA, area, a trained professional can walk you through the process and explain in part why it’s become a significantly more popular option than it once was. Indeed, cremations in America are set to represent 57.8 percent of dispositions by 2022. That number went from 28.2 percent in 2002 to 43.3 percent by 2012, a truly impressive demonstration of how attitudes have changed. At some point, the trend in favor of cremations is bound to slow down, but that doesn’t change the fact that it now rivals traditional burial as a perfectly acceptable option.  

What accounts for that change?  Clayton, GA cremations

In part, the general public is learning far more about cremation and what it entails. There is a greater understanding of the process and less concern that something might go wrong. Crematoriums go to great lengths in order to confirm the identity of the deceased and prevent any kind of supremely unfortunate mix-up. This is serious business, and that kind of thing just doesn’t happen these days. The public has also learned that it’s a very dignified process whereby family may sometimes be invited to remain present. Cremations are carefully observed by technicians and generally subject to computer programming. It’s very difficult for something to go wrong, and people now know that. One can likely thank online awareness and media in general. By now, there’s really no excuse to remain in the dark when it comes to cremation.  

Attitudes and personalities may be changing, too. Whereas there has long been an interest in graveside services and the opportunity for family and friends to visit cemeteries in time, people seem to be increasingly preferring more creative options when it comes to their remains—whether that means scattering them in a meaningful location or turning them into some kind of artwork. The number of options alone may be particularly attractive to those who want their personalities to be remembered in the form of their disposition. Sometimes a certain kind of service just isn’t enough. The remains themselves and how they’re handled speaks volumes about someone’s final wishes, their lifestyle, and who they are as a human being.  

Remember that cremation is, contrary to some belief, not mutually exclusive with certain services that family and friends may find especially valuable. You may still hold a funeral service just days after one’s passing (and prior to cremation), and you may also hold a memorial service after the cremation—sometimes after several weeks. Given the possibilities and flexibility, cremation has become a go-to option for a great many after they give it some consideration.   

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