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Far too few people plan arrangements in advance, even when circumstances—such as being quite elderly and/or in declining health—would suggest it’s a good time to do so.

However, you don’t need to be especially elderly or terminally ill to plan for such arrangements. If anything, the best time to make these plans is well before such circumstances arise.

Planning ahead can help individuals lower the eventual expense of services and remove stress from their families following one’s passing.

Many experts suggest it’s a good idea to look into pre-need arrangements by the time individuals (or couples) are in their seventies. Creating a plan much earlier might not be optimal because life circumstances can change.

However, pre-planning, aka pre-need arrangements, also can be smart for those in their sixties, or even fifties, if there’s reason to believe one might pass on earlier in life. Typically that would be chronic serious health issues, but it could also include working in statistically more dangerous fields.

When someone dies with no plan in place, the family must make at-need arrangements (that’s the industry term). This obviously can be a difficult time to make plans, because the family only has a short time frame to work with, along with dealing with grief. Additionally, financial considerations must be worked out quickly.

If you choose to plan ahead, that doesn’t necessarily require setting aside funds ahead of time, but it’s often a good idea to do. Your survivors won’t have to concern themselves with payment and will be comforted in knowing everything is being handled.

Pre-planning also ensures ensure your life is celebrated in the manner you desire. Family members will be assured that the arrangements specifically follow your wishes.

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